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Atlanta Landlord Provides After-School Support to Improve Student Performance, Neighborhood Stability


The program is one example of how "housing can be a positive pathway to achieving better school outcomes" This apartment community after-school program, consistently serves about 80 children grades K-5, isn’t funded by the local school district or paid for by the parents. It’s an amenity offered as part of their lease as well as landlord Margaret Stagmeier's effort to bring some stability to this largely immigrant community.


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Why Education Matters to Health: Exploring the Causes


Americans with more education live longer, healthier lives than those with fewer years of schooling.  But why does education matter so much to health? The links are complex—and tied closely to income and to the skills and opportunities people have to lead healthy lives in their communities.








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Education: It Matters More to Health Than Ever Before


Americans with fewer years of education have poorer health and shorter lives, and that has never been truer than today. In fact, since the 1990s, life expectancy has decreased for people without a high school education, especially white women. Education is important not only for higher paying jobs and economic productivity but also for saving lives and saving dollars.










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NKY Champions for Education Summit

The Summit was designed for 350 thought leaders from business, education and community came together to: Gain Knowledge about Our Progress 2007-2017, Understand Factors Inhibiting the Acceleration of Progress, Learn about Innovative Initiatives, and Influence New Regional Goals.




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NKYEC 2018 Excellence in Education Dinner

Join the Northern Kentucky Education Council and the NKY Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, April 25 for the 2018 Excellence in Education Celebration at the Holiday Inn Cincinnati Airport Convention Center. 







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Kentucky Parent Leadership Summit


The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence is creating a one-day, power-packed, parent leadership experience that will bring parents from across the state together to share and learn from Kentucky education and community leaders and from each other!  Come and help build a new active statewide network of public education champions. 



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