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The Northern Kentucky Education Council is the backbone organization for alignment of education initiatives in Northern Kentucky. The Council serves as a catalyst for collaboration, change and progress to attain regional education goals in Boone, Campbell, Gallatin, Grant, Kenton, Owen and  Pendleton Counties.




Every child on grade level in reading and math by the end of 3rd grade. 

How will we improve this statistic?

Current Status: 56% (2,811) of children in 3rd grade are on grade level in reading

                            49% (2,460) of children in 3rd grade are on grade level in math

  • Increase the number of children entering Kindergarten "ready"

  • Reduce chronic absenteeism

  • Alleviate summer learning loss by increasing quality programs

  • Increase the number of One to One Reading and Math coaches to provide additional support

  • Actively engage parents in their child's learning

Increase the number of youth who are hopeful, engaged and thriving:

Resilient and Ready.

Current Status: Data indicate 37% of youth in NKY are Resilient and Ready

How can we improve this statistic?

  • Leverage the power and data of the Resiliency Student Poll

  • Implement community-wide professional development opportunities focused on developing resiliency and grit for our youth

  • Align and replicate quality programs that focus on helping youth solve problems and pursue goals

  • Create more opportunities in and out of school to involve our youth in service learning and school and civic leadership

Increase the number of youth and young adults who are prepared for College, Career and Life.

How will we improve this statistic?

Current Status: 4,360 students graduated with a diploma

                            2,862 of those students who graduated were College & Career Ready

  • Strategically reduce barriers that prevent learning

  • Increase college-level experiences and dual credit for high school students

  • Connect youth with career mentors and opportunities

Mission Statement:

Investing in our Future